Against The Wake Analysis

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Film review: Against the wake.

‘Against the wake’ is a short British film written by Robert Sedgwick and John Williams, produced by Robert Sedgwick and edited and directed by John Williams with the main characters being Jake (Joel McDermott) and Wendy (Paloma Andrade). The montages and music used in the first scene gave the viewer a good idea about what the film entails.

The synopsis of the film is based on real life situations and the dangers involved when psychological effects of a traumatic situation have a dramatic impact on your life and are not dealt with. The first third of the film was very vague and only showed Jake ignoring everything around him and just staring which was a little confusing, it all made sense later on in the film when Wendy makes an appearance and their daughter Jade is brought back to life in a flashback.

Jake’s character was portrayed perfectly as he continuously convinced the viewer that he had lost all hope in life because his daughter was gone. In none of the scenes was he seen thinking about whether to accept the fact that she was gone and move on with his life. He was followed throughout the film with him not willing to change how he felt about the situation even with Wendy continuously trying to get him to look at the positive side. The end of the movie didn’t fulfil my expectation because I had expected Jake to finally accept Jade’s death and slowly try to patch his life back together but he ended up killing himself.

The use of parallel in the film showed Jake simultaneously thinking about Wendy and how his life used to be when he was looking out of the window. The montage at the beginning helped set the scene for the film as they were all