Essay on Age Discrimination

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Age discrimination needs to be illegal in our country. It costs good people their jobs and way of life. Many have been taken out of jobs they have been in for 7 years just because they have gotten to a certain age. Discriminating against age will only cause more problems and money for business; people are out ranged and are letting out their angers in court. This issue has also been linked to families losing their homes because they can’t find a job to pay the bills. The simple fact is that there is already a law that’s against this but owners of biasness still go against this. There are many groups trying to help these people affected by age discrimination n but we need a more powerful law to go against it.

Many workers have been laid off due to age, some who have been on the job for 7 to 10 years are being called washed up and replaceable. Younger people are brought in and this has made it hard for many people to find jobs in our country. People are losing their house and way of life because of this and the law that’s suppose to help them is being stepped on by business owners. Due to the economy there has been a record lay off number greater than the great depression which is scary to many because we were only in a recession. A women from Colorado writes its not fair that my husband has been laid off he’s given the best 11 years of his life into that company and now they just throw him away like an old tool that doesn’t work right anymore. discrimination

So many people have taken it into their own hands to get retribution for what their old bosses have done to them and this has cost many business’s to plummet and more workers to lose their jobs. It has caused bad publicity for some factories and stores that makes people boycott stores and this just causes more and more money to be lost. The main goal is to stay open and sell your goods to people but how can they do this when workers go on strike and people refuse to buy anything from them. It all can be fixed with just one law that really prohibits this discrimination to continue.

According to a law firm in Los Angeles it’s