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Do you ever have nightmares? A film I recommend for you to include in the film contest is called “A Night of Memories”, which is suitable for the age group 13-18 this is because the story relates to difficulties some teenagers may face in today’s society, they could be trapped by a barrier when making choices in life. The film starts with the camera focusing on a fence moving right to left which is panning, with the wind blowing through the windows and sense of coolness. There in the corner of a room sits a girls deep in her thoughts.
The movie starts of with the main character Katie’s point of view, her thinking aloud “I was just your average girl, there is nothing special about me, and nothing I want to admit. For many years my friends have treated me like I am worthless, they could care less about me, I did have a few people who did care it was very hard to believe they care for me. For years people have told me that I was fat and ugly, all this made me feel worthless and the words they said never left my mind. It was hard to be me but it wasn’t as bad as other people I guess I shouldn’t be complaining.”
Then the scene changes and the lighting is high-key and the scene is a school ground walking around showing a lonely Katie daydreaming and thinking that it was her last year and she only had a few days, hours, minutes, seconds lefts. From this it is evident that she isn’t not very keen on school. When the scene changes again this time it shows a crowed town with