Age Limits Of Immigrants In Canada

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There are thousands of adults and youngsters in the world who move from their home country to another country to settle permanently and start a new life, which is respectively called immigration. In immigration, immigrants have no age limits that means from infants to old people, everyone can be immigrants. There are a lot of them who immigrate as some people wants to seek newer and superior opportunities or jobs for themselves, some come here to reunite with their family, some of them for educational purposes, some come here as refugees and furthermore. It has been a good thing for Canada as it boosts Canada with many reasons. …show more content…
Economy means that the wealth and the resources of a country that is used by every individual. As economic growth rises, so does the production. Skilled professionals can help the Canadian workers with their work, through which they can strengthen the wealth of the country which may also lead in the rise of the economy.

Another important asset is that it will increase the population of the economy. Canadians have a low birth rate on their own as countries grow richer, the standard of living improves. Therefore the chances of having a child live into adulthood to look after their parents is greater, so fewer children needed. Without immigration our population would decrease dramatically. In developed countries, children are seen as a financial liability, so couples are more likely to limit the number of children they have, to enjoy their affluent lifestyle. So that's why Canada opened their gates for immigrants to enter. Also 5,000,000 old aging Canadians set to retire over time as the population