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Explosives, round-hulled ships capable of carrying weapons, and newly developed navigation tools were the most important technologies for the success during the age of exploration. Until the use of explosives, the Spanish dominated naval warfare and Europe was still feudalistic. Explosives were one of the major contributors to the end of feudalism because they made knights useless, therefore upsetting the feudalistic system in Europe, and revolutionizing warfare. “Knights had become officers, and armies were no longer led by heroes but were directed by generals. Infantry marched in step and drilled in ordered formations of ranks and files.” (Williamson, Mitch,
If warfare hadn’t evolved, the Spanish Armada would have defeated England, and England would never have become the world trade leader in Europe. Europe also used gunpowder to assert themselves over the natives living in their newly captured lands. “It was not long before Europeans were able to dominate much of the world, largely with the help of gunpowder.” (Evans, C.T., Without gunpowder, Europe would not have been able to control the newly acquired territories in the New World. Europe would have abandoned world trade and busied themselves suppressing rebellions in the New World. Round-hulled ships capable of carrying weapons were what made the dangerous voyage across the Atlantic Ocean possible. “Advances in shipbuilding included improved sail designs, stronger hulls, and sleeker lines. New sails made the most efficient use of available winds and even allowed seaman to sail into the wind. Stronger hulls better withstood the tremendous impact of rough Atlantic seas. Sleeker design lines allowed ships to sail faster, slicing through water far more efficiently than older barge-like ship designs.” (“The Age of Exploration.”,
These new advancements spared the English from what could have a crushing defeat when the Spanish Armada attacked them. The newly designed English ships equipped with cannons allowed them to