Age Of Revolution

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Age of Revolutions Britain emerged as the first to be an industry state, with people doing more than agricultural jobs. Britain had plenty of coal supply deposits nearby and were also using steam. This made Britain the birthplace of a modern industrial economy. They started the railway which they gave to the world making transportation of people and goods easier. The built bridges over water, they were starting a revolution and opening communities to each other. The Orient Express spanned Europe within three days making the transfer of food, and livestock much better for different communities. Not only did the transportation become better, the living situations did as well. Buildings were built for homeless people, within walking distance of the factories so they could walk to work each day. They rebuilt churches to give people a place for religion, then added row houses for people who were ready to move out had places to go. Giving people a place they could call home was refreshing for them, they had worked so hard and lost so much to have a place of their own meant they made it. While all of these were going on the work increased, and people were also paid more. Laws came into play saying that workers had to be paid minimum wage, so people started making more money. They were not able to exceed a certain number of hours per day, and children under nine were no longer allowed to work in the factories after a few laws past. This made working conditions