Agency Analysis And Proposal For Service

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Agency Analysis and Proposal for Service
Georgianna Dacosta
SW 524 - Social Work Practice II
Barry University
Professor Claudia Calabrese

Agency Analysis and Proposal for Service New Life Community Mental Health Center or New Life (CMHC) is a partial hospitalization and outpatient program that caters to the mental and partially mentally healthy clients of the community. The mission statement for the agency is as follows "Our partial hospitalization and outpatient programs are dedicated to helping you make healthy modifications and choices in your life and to enhance your overall sense of well-being, personal satisfaction, and success, now as well as in your future. We will assist you in meeting your needs in every way possible through the variety of specially designed groups and activities. (New Life CMHC program manual 3/11/09). This agency have developed historically over the years by references from the judicial system where clients who were incarcerated are given the chance to seek mental health counseling while living on the outside, this program is not mandated by the court system but instead of being incarcerated and getting mental health help, clients who are able to function with little or no supervision are sent to agency such as New Life CMHC to get the help they need. (Harrington, 2010). This agency as previously mentioned caters to the mental health community. The problem, troubles or issues that the clients bring to the social workers at this agency varies even though majority of the clients suffers from some form of mental health issues; they all bring their own set of problems that needs to be assessed on a one on one basis. The goal of the social worker is to make sure that each client needs are met. When a client first come to the clinic the role of the social worker is to take an assessment of that client after they are seen by the doctor on staff. Once they are seen by the doctor and given a diagnosis they are then set up in the system where a social worker will be able to work with them. The social worker will first do a screening to determine if the issue they are presenting is the same as what is being recommended by the doctor. After their screening, the client is placed in a group where group therapy is conducted, in the interim the social worker will be working on their files behind the scene. An Initial Treatment Plan or (ITP) is developed; this is when a problem list is developed for the client, with this list the therapist is able to work with the client by addressing the problems that is associated with that client. A Bio-Social assessment is also done on the clients followed by a Master treatment plan, with time a bi-weekly treatment plan review is done to ensure that the clients are making progress from the date they were first admitted and that their needs are being met and that their objectives and goals are followed through. (Harrington, 2010). Funding sources are provided by the Federal government. Since this is a for profit agency the funding sources differs, Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security is primarily the payment of choice for the clients since most of them are on a fixed income and paying out of pocket would be impossible. Given the services that are currently being provided at New Life, they lack the individuality of services that could be provided to the clients. Currently, New Life only offers group therapy but not every client is open to the idea of sharing all their personal information in a group setting. A brief survey was taken from a number of clients who stated that if individual therapy was a choice they would be more than willing to speak to a therapist on a one on one basis versus a group atmosphere. They also confided that they would feel more comfortable when it comes to disclosing information that is considered taboo or embarrassing (New Life CMHC 2011). In an article written by Williams & Wilkins (1993), a