Agent Orange Vietnam War

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What exactly was the Agent Orange used in Vietnam War? 1962- 1971

It is a blend of tactical herbicides the U.S. military sprayed, during Operation Ranch Hand in the Vietnam War in the South Vietnam country. 12 million gallons of it, enough for 18,000 sq. miles was sprayed onto 66 sq. miles of South Vietnam. The main purpose was to remove trees and dense tropical foliage that provided enemy cover where and to defoliate hiding places used by the Vietnamese, their main food source which was the rice paddies, and to clear the perimeters of military bases to give service members a clear line of fire.. Among other agents, e.g. agent blue and agent white, this was the combination the U.S. military used most often. Although colorless, the name "Agent Orange" came from the orange stripe
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Animal biodiversity reduced due to loss of habitat and also due to exposure to the herbicide. There was a decrease in the numbers of the species of birds and mammals in the areas sprayed with the Agent Orange.

Agent Orange was sprayed to reduce foliaged areas along the banks of the Saigon River from Saigon to the South China Sea as it was exceptionally effective at killing the foliage types indigenous to Vietnam's countryside and jungle.

The storage tanks containing the orange agent after, the herbicide was emptied, they were rinsed with water and flattened before being buried in a landfill. The effect is that even after burying of the tanks, the components of the herbicide insoluble in water still have contamination effects on the soil.

How was and is it being monitored and controlled?

Research on articles from toxicology journals from more than a decade and information about where herbicides had been sprayed, what effects of dioxin had caused in both animals and humans so that it can be adequately monitored and