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Aging Brain

The documentary of the aging brain relates to chapter two: neuroscience as a basis for adult development and aging of our class book as it gives us a more in depth look at how the brain works as we age and some brain made diseases.

All we ever know or remember is based in about 100 billion neurons that help make up the human brain. It was believed that as we aged our neurons would die but in the 1999's researchers found that neurons can live up to a hundred and twenty some years altogether. however, it was found that in adult brains few neurons are produced. Most "M" cells stay inactive. The brain could be viewed as a muscle that needs daily exercise to maintain itself as it begins to age around the time one turns twenty. Through the PBS documentary I learned how neuroscience tools and its advancements have helped the progress for understanding Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases a bit better. For example Dale Shing's development in a beta ameloid based vaccine to prevent Alzheimer's if vaccinated at birth. As there is no form of a Alzheimer's diagnoses like every other disease. Various Methodological perspectives were showed through the film to compare how a healthy aging brain should look against one that had a disease. As we went more in depth inside the anatomy of the brain the nervous system that includes neurons, cell bodies, terminal buttons, neurotransmitters and the space between the neurons otherwise known as the synapse was explained and…