Essay about Aging: Health Care and Normal Human Process

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Physical changes in the body during aging
As human grow up, they go through many physical changes, which makes our bodies weak. This is a very normal human process of nature. Aging changes happen due to many reasons and it is in our hands, how fast we want to grow old and become inactive and weak. We can slow down this process and there are many ways we can do this. The main changes happen due to the effects of environment we live in, how polluted and populated it is. The reasons are also tied to the cultural aspect and cultural influences. Our diet and exercise is also and very important aspect. Our past illness and medical problems are also very important issues to consider when talking about aging. These factors also define how long we are going to live. For example if you are a heavy alcohol consumer and a chain smoker, the chances are more that you will live less than someone who does not drink or smoke. Certain illness and medical problems also define our physical changes in the body and how weak we are going to become when we get old. Not to forget these factors are also important to consider because, medical insurances company look at our history and habits and after the review they decide on our medical insurance. As we get older one of the main problem is that we become weak. We no longer have the energy to do things like the way we could do when we were young and active. Our memory tends to fade out. We cannot remember things often due to the weakness in…