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Aging Population
Malaka Pollard
May 14, 2012

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When you look at the citizens in our community today, it is very evident that the senior population is growing and changing and shows us that Americans are living longer. Due to our population aging, it will definitely have an effect on our health care system. The aging of our population will possess huge challenges for us, especially with the health care system in this country. As Americans continue to age the cost of health care will rise. According to, the U.S. Census Bureau, seniors 65 and older made up about 12% of the total population in 2004. Between the years 2003-2004, 351,000 people joined the 65 and older age group. The Census Bureau also projects that by the year 2030, the total worldwide population of people 65 and older will reach an all-time high of 974 million. Changes in the demographics will have an unprecedented impact on the U.S health care system, especially in terms of the supply of care given and the demand for health care workers. Another impact will be with the nature of the skills and services the health care workers must be able to provide as well as the settings in which they provide this care. You also have to take into consideration the health care expenses and how they may rise due the change in demographics. Currently health care expenses for those individuals 65 and older account for approximately 60% of health care expenses, 35% of hospital discharge and 45% of hospital days. (Population Resource Center, 2012) Older adults seem to consume more prescription drugs, more ambulatory care, more hospital services, nursing home services as well as home health care services. Because of this there will definitely be an expected change in medical expenses.
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With the aging of our population, the cost to cover these services at such a drastic rate will be more difficult to the patient as well as the providers. Staff members need to keep up with technology so they will be able to treat the patients accurately. The cost to keep the