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2015 Saltwater Coast AGM

The importance of a good AGM
The annual general meeting of our Owners Corporation is an important event for the
Saltwater Coast Community calendar each year.
For most property owners, the annual general meeting is the one occasion they will actually participate in the process of managing the affairs of the Owners Corporation.
It is then important that it be a success.
A successful annual general meeting can create a positive sense of community and hopefully will encourage all property owners to participate in the functioning of the
Owners Corporation.
At the very least we should aim to leave the annual general meeting with respect for the process and, more over respect for the elected committee members who work hard to manage the common property and the investment we have made.


respect and understanding should also extend to the by-laws, levies and others in our community. Conversely a “bun-fight’ will do nothing for community spirit. The last thing sensible people want is a hostile living or investment environment because the annual general meeting provided a forum for the disaffected few to poison their community with negative attitudes and unacceptable behaviour.
The difference between the good and the bad comes down to three things — how prepared you are for the meeting; your understanding the formal requirements of the legislation concerning the process; and the respect shown to each lot owner, the committee and Chairperson, even when they offer a different view to your own.


What is a successful annual general meeting?
Let’s start with the end in mind. You are going home after the annual general meeting of the Owners Corporation. What would make you think it was a success?

The meeting started and finished on time. All done in two hours.

The papers had been distributed well in advance of the meeting.

I was able to understand the papers because the motions and the explanations were clear and concise.

No one got angry or upset at the meeting by surprise rulings from the chair that they could not vote or were not able to have their motion put to the vote. The chair was fair. 

Our business was transacted in a spirit of harmony and goodwill. There were

different views expressed, sometimes forcefully but never personally.

The committee positions were filled—success breeds success. Serving my community in this way is pleasant and productive.

I understand the priorities for our community over the coming year and how these are to be addressed.
Annual general meetings should be short, sweet and to-the-point. A short meeting is one that concludes within two hours. A sweet meeting is one where different views can be expressed without personal hurt or offence. To-the-point meetings are ones which deal correctly with the technical requirements of the laws covering the Owners
This is the type of annual general meeting that I am sure we would all like to be part of. 3

A good AGM is a two hour Annual General

The meeting will start on time, if you are late please be considerate of others and try catch up without interrupting the flow of the meeting.

The motions received have been checked for validity before the meeting and only then have they been added to the agenda.

Please read through the

motions and write down any questions you may have prior to the meeting, This may help you ensure your questions are covered.

A gentle reminder - additional motions cannot be raised at the AGM for consideration. The motion and any supporting documents need to be sent out to all owners prior to the meeting. Attendees may request other items be considered under general business, however, please be aware due to time constraints any item brought up under general business may be passed over to the incoming committee for consideration.

To save time the motion will not be read out during the meeting. The motion has been published on a written agenda and…