Agony: Metropolitana Di Napoli and Precise Slang Description Essay example

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The Message”, Grandmaster Flash displayed the projects of his current era through rap poetry. He wants people from the present that future times to have a sense of government housing. Grandmaster Flash wanted to show that people devastating from the projects do have an intellect and that their “language of the streets” has equally valued knowledge. In order to describe his living to others, he gives an idea of his current depiction of underprivileged using slang, which others could interpret. In doing this, he demonstrate uses of imagery, metaphors and euphemism. In “The plight Message”, Grandmaster Flash portrays the precise slang description of poverty by presenting to the reader the living situations of residents in urban areas.Grandmaster Flash displays how people survive living around the urban areas. In “The Message”, “Crazy lady, livin’ in a bag / Eating out the garbage piles…”(Stanza 4, Lines 1-2) illustrates that the lady was literally living in a garbage bag and eating leftovers from the garbage to garbage to survive. “…used to be a fag-hag” (Stanza 4, Line 2) portrays that the woman has a sense of beauty, and would be comfortable around homosexual men than straight men. Grandmaster Flash used the slang term “fag-hag” to show what the woman used to be and whom she would prefer to be with but others would make fun of her. It can be a result of how she became insane and started living on the streets. “She went to the city and got so so seditty / She had to get a pimp, she couldn’t make it on her own” (Stanza 4, Lines 7-8) illustrates that the woman went to the city for her everyday living to become a prostitute. However, she could not survive by herself so she ended up getting a pimp to survive and get to places. To the peoples’ opinions, having to resort to prostitution, being homeless, etc, was a way of their cost of survival. The living situations in urban areas are so unsafe that people were not only afraid to step out, but also to leave their homes in the projects. From “The Message” is “Junkie’s in the alley way with a baseball bat” (Stanza 1, Line 7) defines that the Junkies would do anything to get drugs such as beating up innocent by standards. A metaphor statement “Me on king kong standin’ on my back” (Stanza 6, Line 9) is a term used for heroin addicts. Except, others used monkey on their backs, but the speaker of the poem used “king kong”. He used that term to stress out how huge the problem was and by representing, that it was difficult for him quit the use of heroin. The thoughts of the projects being dangerous were underestimated. Other distances such as the subways, were likewise as horrible. As for the subways conditions were, “They push that