Market Consumption In China

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Individual thinks, the third plenary session of the decision could open the prelude of the big Chinese market consumption, improving people's livelihood will greatly open China's consumer market.China's consumption from consumption to the people, from luxury to normal consumption.The improvement of the consumption structure, at the same time stimulates the production of the improvement of the situation, and is a sustainable improvement, but no longer is the investment as the leading factor, but is dominated by consumption.This is similar to investment demand, China began in 2003 Chinese demand becomes the leading factor in the world's most important.Now, too, in the future for a long time, China will become the world's most important consumption market.
But consumption start-up, is gradually, long, even before you know it, its effect on prices and supply is totally different.For agricultural products supply shortage caused by the rising, is rapid, greatly, the duration of the generally difficult to more than one year, such as cotton in 2010.But consumption sunflower oil press ( market, can be slowly, swings back and forth, long, can maintain one of the economic cycle.So, I think start facing China's agricultural products consumption market for a long time.
Such an option, don't need to go to high, but to find low buying, such as grease in the past two days, rose so much that make track for to buy uncomfortable, can wait until fall to buy again.Soybean tumbled over the weekend, for soybean oil, there may be a good buying opportunity.Soybean oil pressure now focus on the supply pressure, but look at the report carefully, you can see consumption in strong all the time, especially in China's consumption.I think we would fulfill the policy of the third plenary session's ability to boost consumption.So, for soybean oil, look for buying opportunities is a long-term strategy.Now the need to pay attention to is: global ready no, for China's future may start spending?Just as global 2003 haven't prepared for the investment demand in China.This is a big event, will last for a long time, but now may be a starting point.
And industrial products, may be just the opposite, the rice bran extract ( end of demand growth continues