Agriculture and Governmental Dietary Recommendations Essay

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1. Because humans are capable of meeting their nutritional needs in many different ways, the food we choose to eat takes on great cultural significance. All cultures have come up with ways of classifying the world into what is acceptable or moral to eat and what is not.

a) The food humans eat is cultural. b) Humans are capable of meeting their nutritional needs, different cultures have their own guidelines on what is socially acceptable to consume.

2. We should condemn the process of factory farming. It is wrong to support actions that harm the earth, and factory farms harm the earth.

a) We should condemn factory farming b) It harms the earth

3. Modern agribusiness, including factory farming, is necessary to feed the world’s population. Some experts believe that the world’s population load outweighs the capacity of organic agriculture. Furthermore, even though modern agricultural processes might not be the best for the environment, these risks do not outweigh the threat of starvation.

a) Modern agribusiness and factory farming is necessary to feed people b) Feeding the overwhelming amount of people on the earth through agriculture may cause starvation?

4. If we thought more carefully about where most meat comes from, we might not eat it. Meat is often produced in circumstances that we would find unethical—in large farms, pigs are kept so close together that they chew on the tails of the pig in front of them, and the tips of chickens’