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Caleb Whaley
Agritourism Report
AGBE 1120-001
24 April 2012

Agritourism has become a worldwide market attracting thousands of customers per year. It enables normal people to create a one of a kind product and offer it to tourists from around the globe. This paper will examine three different examples of agritourism: an international, a US, and a Tennessee example. It will provide a detailed description and summary of what the attraction is, and how the information we learned in class can be related to this destination.
First, an international example of agritourism is located on the Continent of Australia. It is named: Tree Elle Retreat Denmark and located on the Southern Ocean. You can enjoy the mild Mediterranean climate with magnificent sunsets and the brilliant southern star-studded sky. The retreat is proudly owned and operated by Kim and Peter who are available to assist visitors at any time. Kim does the booking of events and puts together holiday packages for larger groups. It is open year round and each of the four houses are positioned for privacy in landscaped gardens framing a rural setting, inlet views and the National Park. It offers adventure and attractions for all ages. However, it is ideally suited for couples or a family holiday. It is perfect for children with lots of space to run around in the lush gardens. It borders the Walpole National Park on one side and the Irwin National Park and Nature Reserve on the other. It offers an almost unlimited supply of activities to do within only a few miles drive. Tree Elle is only 10 minutes from the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk and the hamlets, Peaceful Bay, Bow Bridge and Nornalup. You can dive, surf, fish, canoe, and walk the Bibbulmun Track along beaches, coastal ridges amongst the flora and fauna to the Ancient Empire Forest. Organically grown vegetables and herbs are available to guests to pick from the gardens at any time. Thousands of trees, shrubs, fruit trees, and spring and summer bulbs have been planted on the 14-acre rural retreat. The houses' cozy decor and landscaped gardens are complimented by local artists' pottery, paintings and sculptures. Guests can relax in the Garden Coffee Coop for an espresso, treats, or for pure extravagance and peace; unwind in the garden's Spa Studio with a scented oil massage and spa. Tree Elle animals in most cases have been hand reared from birth and are very loved pets. The Dorper sheep skirt the fences around the Lofthouses hoping a guest may have some apples or carrots. The Geese and turkey wander the adjoining paddocks during the day and keep an eye on the guests. Tree Elle has a large collection of poultry breeds that supply the guests with fresh eggs daily. Tree Elle Garden is more than just good looks and perfume. Guests love to wander out into the garden before lunch and dinner to collect fresh produce for the table. There are heritage and modern apple varieties, peaches, plums, figs, mulberries, strawberries, loquats and citrus fruits available for serious gardeners. This destination can relate in many ways to what we have learned in class. It is a perfect example of nature-based tourism. It has countless possibilities of allowing tourists the chance to reconnect with nature. It focuses on the peaceful, simple, relaxing side of a vacation. It also enables visitors to escape their everyday routines and become a part of another community. It is an excellent example of a sustainable tourism by showing the importance of being environmentally friendly, involving the community and supporting the local economy.
Next is the US example of Agritourism it comes from Evendale, Ohio. Gorman Heritage Farm is a local 120-acre working and educational farm, located just minutes from Cincinnati overlooking Millcreek Valley. The mission of Gorman Heritage Farm is to provide people the opportunity to explore and learn the history, methods and values of a working family farm in a natural setting. The farm is open to the