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Legalizing Marijuana The argument is why marijuana should be considered legal, and it should be sold and used in a public places like the park, a beach or a clubhouse, where you are allow to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. Legalizing marijuana in a public place will cut down on arrests and drug dealers. Selling and using marijuana in public places should be considered legal. “When states legalize pot, they can levy substantial taxes on the marijuana industry and generate much needed revenue for their budgets. Colorado's recent introduction of marijuana is already bringing in more than 30 million of taxable revenue. The Drug Policy Alliance estimates that California could raise $1.4 billion annually in extra revenue if it taxed and regulated the sale of marijuana. If marijuana is legalized federally, the marijuana industry could be more than three times bigger than the NFL and it could all be taxed.” (Aleem, November 8, 2014) Each state that legalizes marijuana is allowed to gather and use any profits made by the marijuana sales tax and excise tax. Any marijuana store must add the tax as a single and individual thing. A marijuana stores are allowed to gather and tax sales on marijuana. “revenues collected pursuant to the 15% sales tax, 10% will be distributed to each local government in the state that has one or more retail marijuana stores within its boundaries. The remaining revenues shall be deposited in the marijuana cash fund and appropriated as directed by the general assembly.” (Colorado Marijuana Excise Tax and Sales Tax, November 5, 2013) “Assuming a tax of $.50 or $1 per joint, we can venture a rough estimate of the revenues that could be raised from legalized cannabis. According to the 1991 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse, some 19.5 million Americans used marijuana at least once in the year, of whom 5.3 million used at least once a week and 3.1 million daily. About one-half of the latter are thought to be multiple daily users, who can be expected to make up the bulk of total consumption. Assuming the mean consumption of all daily users is two or three joints per day, current national consumption can be figured to exceed 7 to 10 million joints per day, or 1200 to 1800 metric tons of 6% THC cannabis per year. These figures may well be low, since the Household Survey underestimates actual use. “(Gieringer, June 1994) Surveyors have confirmed that marijuana is harmless drug compare to other drugs, marijuana effects are small. Many states have already passed laws legalizing marijuana for medical reasons. Marijuana has provided many life-threatening individuals relief from pain on a day-to-day basis. Marijuana has been considered as a medical healer, and a great economic product. Marijuana has several medical benefits for cancer patients, such as giving them a reason to eat, it help them to sleep and it reduce the amount of aches and pains. Cancer patients that use marijuana says it helps to stop the growth of tumor, infectious germs and it control seizures. “A recent report from the guideline development subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology tackled the evidence-base supporting the use of marijuana for neurological disorders. Spasticity, central pain syndromes and bladder dysfunction, disorders not including
Parkinson’s disease seemed to be improved with marijuana use.” (Everything You Need to
Know About Medical Marijuana and Parkinson’s Disease, August 2014). Marijuana is the most favorable and liberatingly lively item known to the world. Medical marijuana can also benefit you mentally and spiritually. Marijuana can be used to enhance personal Spirituality. The herb tends to reveal your true self. It uncovers inner confusion and reveals your true direction if you let it. Marijuana offers an effect that is both energizing and relaxing at the same time. This balanced effect will help some to think more clearly