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Chapter 9, Guided Reading
Sections 1-3

1. He was a progressive reformer who found corruption at all levels.
Lincoln Steffens

2. Who made up the Millionaire’s Club?

The senate was seen as the millionaires club

3. An election in which voters choose the candidates who later run in a general election.
Presidential election

4. What amendment gave voters the power to elect their senators directly?
17th amendment

5. Why did voters switch to a secret ballot?
Helped rid the political system of bribery and coercion

6. Name three election reform measures that were adopted by the progressives.

Initiative, referendum, and recall

7. These two mayors were both very successful at getting reforms passed in the state of Ohio. Who were they?

Tom Johnson and hazen pingree

8. Give at least three examples of reforms that were favored by progressives, but rejected by the voters.

9. What weather event occurred that forced Texas to move from having political machines run government to having a commission that was honest and efficient run government?

Hurricane and tidal wave

10. How did Robert M. “Fighting Bob” La Follette signal his break from the party machine?

11. What were the goals of Robert M. “Fighting Bob” La Follette?

To give citizens a more direct role in government

12. How did Roosevelt become president?

He was William McKinley’s vice president and he was assassinated so Roosevelt stepped up.

13. What was the outcome of arbitration between the