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There was a family that lived in upstate New York. The Big apple, Empire
State, the place were dreams were made. This was my family, the most renowned
Lawyers this year. In many people's eyes we had the perfect family, but boy were they wrong. We had a white picket fence some might say. In our family we had my mom dad me, and my younger sister. Our destiny was always written for us by our parents. For me the eldest it was Harvard to Georgetown for law school, for my younger sister, Crystal it was NYU to Georgetown. I was perfectly ok with that plan but it was another story for crystal. Crystal didn't want to be a lawyer she wanted to be a model.

Tension began to rise in our house when it was time for college applications for her. She constantly protested she wanted to be a Wilhemina Model. She said she would still go to school but just major in modeling. My family didn't want to hear it. As the older sister, I tried to talk some sense into her. I asked her why she didn't want to be a lawyer she said it was to stuffy and clean cut for her. I assured her that it wasn't actually that bad, I began to tell her how my first year of law school has been. She pleaded that she was happy for me but once again stated she wanted to be a model.

My family thinks that crystal just wants to defy them. However i know she doesn't mean any harm and that she has always wanted to be a model.
However she knows that she has already committed to law school and can't back out now. Well that's my sister for you, hard headed, inconsiderate, and stubborn.
Well break was over and I had to head back to school.

It the end of the year and I come back to see the family. I walk in and there was mom and dad to greet me. I asked were Crystal was and mom held her head low and dad just stomped away. I was so confused I asked mom what happened.
She sat down on the couch and began to tell me what happen. She pleaded that
Crystal and them had gotten and a really big argument. She told us that we weren't supporting her dreams and we were trying to make her what we wanted her to be. I could see the quilt and hurt in her eyes and I knew they just anted hero be successful.

Days, weeks, and months went by no call, no letter, no nothing. Crystal was becoming a memory. She had changed her number and no one could get in

contact with her. When I finally got in contact with her, she was in tears. She had been sinning. She lives with some random boy, she was broke, she had nothing going for her. She spent all her money on alcohol and drugs. I was so