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Organizations must assemble information on their rivals keeping in mind the end goal to obtain additional knowledge to what items and administrations contenders are offering, the showcasing techniques the contender is utilizing, the brand make-up and how it contends with competing organization's brand. They must assemble information to completely comprehend what different decisions the customer has with a specific end goal to impact those decisions through promoting. According to Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP), competitive intelligence (CI) is:
“The legal and ethical collection and analysis of information regarding the capabilities, vulnerabilities, and intentions of business competitors.”

When doing so a SWOT analysis is conducted and presents the company's internal factors which are it strengths, and weaknesses, as well as some external factors employing its opportunities (growth potential) and threats (competition). Strategic and operational business information reported subjectively kept short and simple.

Procter & Gamble SWOT Analysis
1. Strong brands
2. Worlds largest manufacturer.
3. Reasonable pricing
4. Global exposure.
5. Its products are sold in180 countries
6. Distribution channels including mass merchandisers and grocery stores
7. Innovative unique product

1.The company continues to rely heavily on mature markets.
2.The emerging markets will outperform mature markets.
3. Market share erosion
4. Trend reversal not diversified
5. Poor supply chain

1. Acquisitions
2. Innovation
3. Product and service expansion
4. Emerging markets takeovers
5. Increased focus on healthcare

1. Local and global competition
2. Economic slowdown
3. External changes (government, politics, taxes, etc)
4. Exchange rate fluctuations
5. Lower cost competitors or imports
6. Product substitution

Reckitt Benckiser possesses numerous brands, leading brands which represent in excess of half the sales and is competitor of Johnson & Johnson. Reckitt Benckiser previously known as Reckitt & Colman of India was joined in 1951 and pushed by the British multinational Reckitt Benckiser plc which instantly holds a 51% stake in the organization.

Accomplishment, cooperation, business enterprise, and responsibility are the center qualities directing the standards on which administration think, carry on and conduct business to convey vision.

Procter & Gamble was the most obvious positioned player in magnificence and personal care in 2011 at the worldwide level underpinned by ahead of all comers positioning in hair care, depilatories and men's grooming tailing its 2005 obtaining of Gillette.

The organization's offer of BPC items has declined since 2006 as it faces rivalry in both Western and developing markets. L'oréal toppled Procter & Gamble from the heading position in skin health management in China owing to a more extensive scope of items crosswise over different value focuses. In Western markets, the organization's item dispatches in a portion of the classes have not been as continuous as some of its adversaries.

Procter & Gamble at the corporate level gloats 24 billion dollar brands including Gillette and Olay which have been the progressing center for its venture and promoting. The organization seeks after premiumisation of its brands.

Procter & Gamble Co, headquarters is in the USA , with territorial association Globally in classifying categories such as: Hair care, men's grooming, oral care, healthy skin

Procter & Gamble's beauty sales expanded 2%, while prepping expanded 1% somewhere around 2012 and 2011,financial years, for the most part on the again of volume development and value builds. Despite the fact that a positive development pattern arouse, deals development was critical due to geographic and item blend.
Procter & Gamble has a different geographic vicinity in magnificence and individual mind