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Roshonda Bissainthe
Aice European
The African Queen
C.S Forester
The African Queen written by C.S Forester portrays two important simultaneous events in European History. Africa Imperialism and World War I was portrayed effectively in the novel, the characters were both products of imperialistic countries that ended up in Africa. While in Africa, World War I broke out and when German forces begin to evade everyone left but the characters Rose and Alnutt. Driven by patriotism they take it upon themselves to attempt an attack on British forces in the name of their beloved England. In a twist of fate, the couple Rose and Alnutt suicide mission is sidetracked by a storm, leaving them defenseless in the face of the Germans. They both survive and are given to England. No one knows if they live happily ever after or not. The only perception I gained from the novel, was that during War patriotism make people behave selflessly. I would not recommend this book to another person because I personally felt it was dry it lacked enthusiasm for a time period were patriotism was sky high, and the book hinted romance which I also did not feel. The romance Rose and Alnutt had was fabricated and it was simply a product of circumstance nothing more and nothing less in my opinion.
In the early 20th century Africa was faced with diplomatic pressure, military invasion, and eventual conquest by European powers. The reason for this was greed motivated by economic, political, and social advancement. The main European countries involved were Britain,France,Germany,Belgium, and Spain. These countries in competition to demonstrate political, so the countries begin racing to acquire land and create colonies in Africa that