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Life Lesson

The greatest life lesson I learned from reading the biography, iWoz, by Steve Wozniak, is to never give up on your dreams no matter how far away they seem. The main character (and writer), Steve, dreamed to be an engineer and to make a computer that everyone all over the world would be able to use. He was able to make that computer but he had to push through some hard times to do it.

He made it through not having enough money to pay for any of his projects, designing the same computer over and over again with no way to make it, the Apple I. He stayed up three night’s straight finishing designing and building the Apple II so he could display it at a conference.
Maybe the greatest thing that he got through was actually the press. He was misquoted in the Wall Street Journal and many other forms of media because of that he had a lot of conflict getting the things done he needed to.

Now whenever I am caught in hard times I will just remember to push through it, just like Steve did, and I will be able to reach my dream whatever it may be or how far away it might seem. Notable Quotables

• “I still get emails and letters from people who say it was the greatest concert event of their lives. I just wanted everyone to smile.”-Steve Wozniak (251)
• “I never felt like I was turning my back on my own company. Never.”-Steve Wozniak (263)
• “Well first you need to believe in yourself. Don’t waiver.” (289)
• “As an inventor, you have to see things in gray scale” (289)
• “Work alone” (291)
• “If you could predict the future, inventing things would be a lot easier!” (293) Bio-Poem
Determined, smart, loving, fun
Founder of Apple, son of Francis Wozniak Who loved computers, engineering, and good education
Who hated drugs, loved to have fun, and loved to make things people need
Who feared getting a divorce again, feared losing his kids, and feared that computers wouldn’t catch on
Who invented the apple I, and II as he co-founded the company Apple Who wanted