Essay on Aid to New Health Care

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Anna Cobb 1 May 2012

Aid to a New Health Care
When you drive around your local cities today, all you see are new health care clinics; there are more clinics on each corner now days than McDonald’s. The new health care reform has enabled many doctors and companies to come in with sign and offer free gifts to new patients with Medicaid and CHIPS, just so that they can receive more and more money from the government. When did it become okay for a dentist office to offer a free dental exam to new patients with Medicaid, these patients are already receiving free services. The health care companies have corrupted and manipulated into thinking that they are receiving the best care as possible, but in reality in the clinics that have offered free stuff, only give the bare minimum treatment needed in most cases. Many people in our country right now are having to face the issues with not being able to receive any health benefits because they are not located in the upper class or with corporate companies that provide insurance for their employees, while others who claim that they are of “poverty” status receive Medicaid benefits. Solutions need to be made in order to provide the necessities to those who pay taxes for benefits that they cannot receive themselves. I believe that there is a change that needs to be made in order for all people to receive free medical benefits not based on income because a vast amount of citizens aren’t receiving any care at all due to financial situations and they cannot even afford medical insurance for their children as well as these same people are falling under the bracket where they make “too much money” according to Medicaid guidelines. I believe that if we have to pay taxes we should be able to receive the care we deserve. Every two weeks I receive a pay check and I see the astounding amount of money that is taken out of my check due to social security and welfare, it makes me think about how much it costs me even go to the doctor. I have private medical and dental insurance through my parents, even with the money taken out of their checks every week to provide me with insurance I still have to pay co-pay when I go to the doctor as well as the amount that needs to be paid for prescription medicines. When I used to work at a dental office almost a year I watched many Medicaid patients come in and have the option with their treatment to be taken to the hospital to have treatment done at no cost, where as a private insurance patient would have to pay a deductible of one thousand dollars as well as the three thousand dollar hospital bill that comes in a month later, it just does not seem fair to anyone. If everyone had equal insurance it would make things much easier and more beneficial for the patients as well as the providers because they would not have to deal with the hassle of collections and patients would have a peace of mind when it came to getting the care they needed. Although it may sound like a simple solution, many will step up and try to shoot it down as controversial as it may seem, other countries around the world have already been accustomed to this lifestyle.
When it comes to equal healthcare for the people of our country just at the cost of our tax dollars and nothing more, many companies will stand up against this idea due to the fact that their profit will be affected. Corporate companies, as I used to see in dentistry, such as Smiley Dental or All Smiles, are made to accept the policies of those patients that have Medicaid and CHIPS. The sole purpose in those companies is to give a “drive-thru” version of dental care just so that can receive the production and the profits from the government. As a result many companies have been plagued by the “Texas Medicaid Fraud” I which shows that many clinics have been abusing the system just so that they can receive such profit (Thomas, Katie). All medical offices, clinics, or anything in between is a business and with my