Essay on Aids: Aids and Health Care

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The United State patient demographics affect health care in great way. The affects of patient who are diagnosed with chronic diseases, long-term care needs, and patient with emergency management are so versatile. HIV/AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is like all the other demographic factors that affect the community and health care. This incurable disease has affected all communities, and threw out the world.
It is believed that a infect immigrant from Haiti brought HIV to United States. One patient was first present with symptoms of this disease it was treated as a form of cancer. The CDC (Center of Disease Control) after more and more people was exposed thru intravenous drug users, blood transfusion, and heterosexual’s activity as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). The immune system of the effect person is attacked and the body’s ability to fight of infections is warned down. The person’s immune system can longer protect from the disease which enables the person body to expose to several deadly infections. One of these infections can be cancer. AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) has been a huge challenge to health care. It can reduce fertility and increase mortality however, medication has been developed help provide a better for those patients that have been infected with horrible disease. Once a patient is diagnosis and put on the right medication live expectance goes up and that patient can once again take control of their lives. There are over thirty countries and approximately more than forty million people effect since first discovered. Out of the forty million people diagnosis with HIV approximately thirteen million people progressed to AIDS (Hosegood, V. 2009).
Health care providers or any one for the matter is unable to predict how HIV/AID demographics will progress in the future efficiently. Estimated projections that previously reported were not directly on target. Since health care advances every day to great heights the possibility of someday discovery a treatment or heck even a cure is great. The disease is burden by the effects it has on people. The disease needs for services increase daily on health care. The limitations for resource such instance are huge Chu, C. & Selwyn, P, 2011).
The care and financial aspect of Aids is adding challenge to already complicated disease for people. The burdens are huge for patient once diagnosed with this disease and they will continue to have burden as their life continues due to this disease. Most disease can be control by one medication. However AID patient most control by several different medications just to have control back of their body. Financial issue can just presented from this factor along. Insurance companies like in several other suggestions may not provide coverage and more like then not there coverage will not be in full. The medication for this disease is not cheap and there are generic formulas for the medication. No generic means any discounted prices for the patient. A patient most choose which medication is necessary for their care and which one they can live without. Their lives continue but not at leave that it would with the medication (Hosegood,V, 2009).
Testing does not allow show Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome right way. In fact it could take years to show on testing. Just on this fact alone more research needs to done how a person is test for this medication. The demographic area effect by this disease will continue to increase until better testing is developed. There of course will be continual challenges of this disease even when testing result improves. You will still have patient out there with disease undiagnosed due the inadequate testing in previous years (lwelunmor, J. & Airhihenbuwar, C.O., 2012).
Positive results can be achieved as well for wellness programs. The cost for AIDS patient may or mayn’t be effect by these types of programs. Since, demographics of the patients are