Aids and Maria Ramirez English Essay

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Maria Ramirez
English I HP
Period 1
March 10, 2015

AIDS, a sexually transmitted disease, has been around for a long time now. Since 1983 it’s been affecting both men and women around the world. In Africa, the first case of AIDS was first diagnosed in 1983 when two patients appeared to carry the disease. The first AIDS-related death was recorded in 1983, but three years later, 46 more cases of AIDS were diagnosed. Soon south Africa was about to experience an epidemic.

Soon enough, South Africa has become the biggest and most high profile HIV epidemic in the world. South Africa has also become the largest antiretroviral treatment rollout program in the world. It’s brought life expectancy up to 5 years more. Additionally, new infections among adolescents have been actually decreasing. But even though there has been much progress, the damage caused by HIV/AIDS remains substantial. Older age groups continue to develop new infections, seem so make up most of the percentage of HIV/AIDS deaths.

Many of the factors that contribute to this vicious epidemic, are many. These include things like poverty, inequality, and social instability. There are also very high levels of sexually transmitted infections, the low status of women, sexual violence, and high mobility. It’s also very hard to find and afford quality medical care. There has also been a history of poor leadership in response to the epidemic.

The country has invested over $1 billion dollars annually to run its…