Aids and medically Healing Plants Essays

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This aids disease is un curable and can kill staff members necessary to keep conservation areas in check, the death of staff members would lead to the dead of animals because the work load for the remaining staff members would be very over whelming.
Short term effects would include staff members not being available and animals dying because of the short edge and lack of organization between the very few staff members left. While long term effects of the aids disease is for example in Africa where health care is expensive and there isn’t much medical help. When the staff members die the training of new staff members would not be possible or would be very limited because it is extremely expensive and funds are limited.
Local people in Africa begin to use the natural resources to help heal and fight the aids disease with little succession; house hold African homes consume more water, fire wood and medically healing plants more and more every year.
Having aids can change your whole lifestyle and may cause you to plunge into depression because you have the disease but there are people out there that live there every day live. People living with aids are strong willed and support different foundations as much as they can and some even support public awareness and become activists.
Students everywhere can talk to their school representatives and get there support to help them organize fund raisers and to help them start annual events at there school to help with fundraising.
Personal action that can be taken towards aids is living healthy , living a healthy active life style so that your body can fight the aids disease as well as avoid getting sick because the aids disease attacks your immune system , so your immune system will be very weak.
Telling people about your experiences with the aids disease and how they