Aids: Immune System and Person`s Hiv Statue Essay

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“The issue of this paper is on AIDS”. Today many people around the world are infected with a serious disease called AIDS. Unfortunately, the disease has led to many deaths worldwide and yet it still remains untreatable. Many public health departments are now taking the lead in publicizing education about AIDS. Public awareness and prevention programs are possible solutions to the spread of AIDS.
Acquired immune-deficiency syndrome popularly known by its abbreviation. AIDS is a fatal disease as it attacks and destroys the immune system of the body. It is caused by a virus. Human immune deficiency virus or HIV for short. This virus is even invisible to a microscope and can remain in body for years together without showing any visible symptoms. HIV specifically targets key components of the cellular immune system and develop the body`s ability to fight infections. AIDS is the first to stage of infection of the virus. It takes at least 10 years or period between getting infected with HIV and reaching the stage of developing AIDS. The smallest ever case of a person with AIDS was detected in America in 1959 which later emerged as a dreadfully widespread disease in the world`s most well know disease and most feared . AIDS knows no race, age, gender. The history of AIDS is somewhat unknown but scientist has created a theory of the possible development of AIDS. Recent research indicates that HIV probably first jumped from chimpanzees to humans as early as 1675 and didn’t establish itself as an epidemic until 1930. In Africa in medical terminology HIV is a retrovirus this means it can copy it genetic materials. RNA into DNA using a unique enzyme called reverse transcriptase. Normally, living organism make RNA out of DNA but it retroviruses such as HIV , the step is in reverse that is it makes DNA out of RNA . HIV inserts its DNA copies into the DNA of the cell of the immune system turning them into HIV factories and preventing them from protections the body. HIV also highly variable virus which hides in other parts of the body such as the lymphatic system and establishes strongholds beyond or drugs. When a person is first infected by HIV there is a burst of activity as the virus multiplies. The immune system attempts to battle it by making antibodies’. During this period the viral load is high and the infected person is highly infections. HIV and AIDS The AIDS and HIV virus is a very dangerous disease that sees no race, no color, no gender, no economic background and not even a specific age group. It can affect anyone, at any time if they put themselves in a situation where they could be at risk. AIDS stands for what is called acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. The virus causes the body's immune system to break down and become useless in fighting illness and bacteria. Even a common cold could lead to the death of a person affected with the AIDS virus. No one can be certain about how or when the AIDS virus emerged. The closest related disease would be a simian immunodeficiency virus. This is where the suggestion arose that this disease was first contracted from a primate. It has also been thought that this once primate-only disease had evolved and somehow became transmitted to people. On June 5, 1981, the first report of AIDS hit the United States. The people weren't quite sure of what they were dealing with, so mistakenly, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention released an article concerning a strange outbreak of pneumonia within the male homosexual community. But a person`s HIV statue cannot be ducted at this stage by conducting tests because sufficient antibodies have yet to be formal. This is commonly called the several