Aids: Immune Systems Condition Essay

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As I Die Slowly

Studies shows that a viral infection known as HIV causes another virus know as AIDS. A virus is simply a microscopic organism that replicates in the cells of a host organism. Although a virus is seen as a bad thing, a virus is not necessarily a bad and detrimental thing. There are some viruses in the scientific realm that can actually help an organism by eating off bacteria that could potentially be destroying the organism. HIV is a virus that can be contracted by sexual activity and the transferring of blood between two or more organisms. The most debatable argument that has been put forth is, is HIV the root of AIDS.
HIV is an acronym for Haman Immunodeficiency Virus. This particular virus breaks down an organism’s immune system, a system in which the body fights of different bacterial infections that is harmful to the body. HIV is specified under the genus lentivirus category. There is not yet a cure for HIV, neither AIDS. Despite the fact there is no cure there are still high priced treatments that can help contain the virus rather than deplete it from an organism completely. The treatment suppresses the virus to the point where it is barely noticeable. The infection is able to be transmitted from organism to organism. Later after the effects and symptoms of HIV has taken place then comes along a malicious little virus known as AIDS.
This is where the misunderstanding starts to take place. AIDS is not a virus. AIDS is just simple definition of what’s going on in the organism’s body. AIDS simply stand for Acquired Immune deficiency Syndrome just saying that the immune system is not in order. Often, people get the misunderstanding that AIDS is the most harmful part of the process, when only AIDS is stating the immune systems condition.
Surprisingly, both HIV and AIDS are an interesting topic to be