Aileen Wuornos - Essay

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Aileen Wuornos
Criminal Justice 1010
Introduction to Criminal Justice
Mrs. Amanda Gentle
Sarah Dean
December 7, 2009

Riding the Pale Horse of Death, Aileen Wuornos murdered seven men over a nineteen-month period from December 1989 until November 1990, along highways in the state of Florida. While working as a prostitute, Aileen would solicit her victims then murder them. Wuornos confessed to committing seven murders. Aileen Wuornos was found guilty and convicted of six murders. Aileen received the dubious honor of being named officially the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s first female serial killer. Aileen was given six death sentences, more than anyone else on Death Row at that time and maybe even to this day. Ms. Wuornos was
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Mr. Mallory really wasn’t close to anyone. Mallory was also known to go on drinking and sex binges from time to time. So, when Richard Mallory didn’t show up to open his shop, no one gave it much thought. It wasn’t until his 1977 Cadillac was found, outside Daytona, that anyone knew something was amiss. After several months of investigating his murder, the police had no real leads. For the time being the death of Richard Mallory went cold.

On June 1, 1990, an unidentified naked male, with only a baseball cap, was found in the woods of Citrus County, Florida. The victim was identified on June 7, 1990, as David Spears, 43, of Sarasota, Florida. Mr. Spears worked as a heavy-equipment operator for Winter Garden Construction. The last time David was seen was on May 19, 1990, when he told his boss he was going to Orlando, Florida. David Spears never made it to Orlando. His truck was found shortly after telling his boss he was leaving. The truck was found along Interstate 75. David’s truck doors were unlocked and the license plate was missing. Mr. Spears had been shot six times with a .22. Some reports state, that there was a used condom found near Mr. Spears body.

On June 6, 1990, thirty miles south of Citrus County, another body was found in Pasco County, Florida. The body of this victim was so severely decomposed that medical examiners were unable to obtain fingerprints.