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Our aim is using a laser beam to investigate the critical angle for pure water or tap water, Investigate the effect of concentration on the refractive index using water with different concentrations of a particular substance. eg. Sugar

We are required to write their practical investigation report for submission. The report should include a detailed analysis of the data collected through the entire experiment.
We should demonstrate the following abilities whilst conducting the experiment:
 Use experimental apparatus and equipment appropriately
 Make detailed and insightful observations and comments relevant to the experiment
 be able to identify inconsistencies or possible inaccuracies from experimental data and design
 be able to analyse and interpret data as it is collected to ensure that it is appropriate and accurate

1. Laser
2. Pure water or tab water
3. Sugar
4. Paper
5. Spoon
6. Aquarium
7. Stand
8. Calculator
1. Gather all the materials needed to.
2. Fill the aquarium with pure water, tap water or sugar water.
3. Than you need a laser beam, hit to the water surface
4. You need a paper to measure angels, steak one side of the paper to the laser and hold the other side with you hand and then make dot where the light hit and then draw the line join the dots.
5. Do the same thing with tap water,
6. And the same for water mixed with sugar.
7. Repeat two times for each to see the errors

Result or calculation
The results we got for our experiment are below 90
Pure water: I r Qi 55 55 35 35 water surface

Sugar water mixed 90 I