Ain't Nothing Likeb the Real Thing Essay

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Wednesday the 17th of October was a long and disappointing day for me. This was the day I decided to go to the museum and look for an artwork to write on; I would never forget how enthusiastic I was when I heard of this project but after exploring the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts and seeing no piece of art that captured me, I lost some of this excitement. Finally, I left the LHUCA for the Texas tech museum. At the Texas tech museum, the first pieces I saw were very captivating and they brought back my enthusiasm, I toured the museum for a while and finally encountered The Three Es.. When I first saw The Three Es I ran away from it. I thought the fox was going to attack me. After being scared, I walked back to the taxidermy. I was amazed by how real it looked. This made me interested in knowing more about this piece of art and my search on what to write on was over. The Three Es is taxidermy in the Texas Tech Museum; which is when dead animals are stuffed, preserved and finally kept in a museum. Basically, The Three Es is the texidermy of 7 animals, which includes a coyote, a muskrat, a fox, a burrowing owl, Ruddy Duck, Canada goose, And a White-tailed deer. What attracted me to this particular work is how real it looks; It’s a work that make the viewer forget that they are in a museum and not a zoo for a spilt second The fox in The Three Es looks as though it is motion; the legs were all in different places and it looked as if it was running to get you. The funniest thing about this is the position of the artwork; it is placed at the beginning of a room in the middle of the museum, it is placed in such a way that the animals especially the fox just creeps up on you as enter the room. The burrowing owl another scary animal, it is made to communicate with the audience using its eyes, the eyes pierce into anyone who comes close enough. The neck is titled backwards, the wings not resting on the back, like in before takeoff, and one leg slightly lifted off the ground creating an illusion that it is going to fly off and attack the viewer at any time. The white tailed deer are peaceful and quiet animals and this is illustrated in this artwork. It had its ears up to…