Ainsley Soundsleeper: A Short Story

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I’m Ainsley Soundsleeper, I’m a 9th grader at Lewis Central High School. This summer I went to my dad’s. He lives in Scottsbluff, NE which is 460 miles away from Council Bluffs, IA. We did so many fun things. I got to hang out with my cousin Aaliyah which I was super excited to see her because she lives 627 miles away from me. Me and Aaliyah went to the gering and westmoor pool and we brought our jumbo floaties, mine was a white flamingo and Aaliyah had her yellow polka dot white flamingo. The next week me and my Dad, Step mom, my little brother Ace, and my little sister Seattle, and me went to New Orleans, LO we were doing a haunted tour which was cool because we learned something new and it was this huge tube thing where you could put so …show more content…
It was great to experience. When we got back from New Orleans, LO me and Aaliyah went to the mall and we had $20 each we went to every store in the mall which was in Scottsbluff, NE, we wanted all these clothes but then we decided we weren't going to buy them but about 10 minutes later we went back and got the clothes. About 2 weeks after my family and me all decided to take a trip to Colorado so we did we went to our hotel first so we could unpack because we were staying there for 4 days, after we finished unpacking we all went to the pool it was really fun because it was a huge pool it was crazy. The next day we all took showers and got ready and we drove about 7 minutes to Elitch Gardens which is in Colorado first we had to stand in a long line but tons of people left the line, so it went by really fast so we were really lucky so once we got fully in we went on tons of rides there was big rides for the bigger people and little rides for the kids I went on tons of the big rides, yes I was nervous but once the rides started it was so much fun. I just went and did tons of roller coasters because we weren't going to be back there for a while probably till next summer because it's only open in the summer, and I know that if I didn't do it that day I would have regretted the