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Air Pollution : China In recent news, China's capital is calling their recent epidemic an "airpocalypse". The air has been classified as hazardous to human health at its worst hitting pollution levels that are 25 times that considered safe in the United States, making the air pollution literally off the charts. The entire city is covered in thick grey smog that smells like coal which stings the eyes, causing official warnings to stay inside. In Beijing, they are taking emergency precautions and is trying to cut down pollution levels by 15 percent in the next three years by doing small procedures like closing down building sites and polluting factories only temporarily on top of taking off official cars off the road. This won't be as effective because other provinces are stepping up their coal consumption, thus making these actions useless because if surrounding areas don't try to clean up their act then it will just affect Beijing just as bad. The air pollution is getting so bad that Beijing's main children hospital is being flooded by at least 9,000 patients per day, with a third of them with respiratory diseases. There are too many cars and factories in China, making citizens worried about their infant child developing respiratory diseases. China has a population over 1.3 billion, the US is just over .3 billion. China could have as many people driving cars as there are people in the US and a billion of them still wouldn't drive cars. If we would like to change this air…