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Air pollution
Air pollution may not sound very important or even to be taken as a consideration but how we live our life’s and every little living organisms on planet earth gets effected by air pollution. Air pollutions is a major issue that the world is dealing with because air pollution causes the temperature to rise, weather patters to shift dramatically and sometimes become killer storms or even droughts , I tend to speak how air pollution is caused , what are the side effects and how it can be faced and stopped
Air pollutions has become a daily thing to us just by using our cars or electricity we burn fossil fuels which releases poisons gases into the air .At ideal levels, greenhouse gases play an important role in keeping our planet warm enough for us and other organisms to live comfortably. But we went way out of controlled we doubled the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmospheres as a result the levels are higher than ever in earth atmosphere history. Of course the nature reacts in different ways because carbon dioxide traps heat which caused different weather patters like bigger and more killer storms, droughts in some parts of the world and in some others floods which causes millions pounds of damage. Thank full the governments all around the world are starting to wake up and dealing with this issue by importing new laws ,one of those laws which applies in the UK is the higher the co2 emission of the car the higher the tax, promoting the use of public transport, use of natural gas to produce electricity or heating simply because when natural gas I burnt lower co2 are being emitted , Use of green energy like sunlight , wind and water, this form energy has been used for years already simply because it never ends and doesn't produce any harmful gas. and car manufactures producing better and ozone-friendly cars. Main objective of this report is to identify the majors polluters in Uk ,how can we reduce the release of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This came into my concern after reading an article in National Geographic that saying human kind and it everyday pollution reached the highest level of carbon dioxide concentration in our atmosphere.
The internet and various articles where a major source of informations which helped to assemble this report,by reading different types of articles relating to air pollution. I was enable to understand clearly and state the factor that was primary responsible to the pollution. UK’s government's official pages published a report about air pollution from the years 1990 till 2012 listing every major factory that released massive amounts of carbon dioxide and the amount of substances like fossil fuel or coal were burnt. After reading this report internet provided enough of information to which then the most important facts where chosen and then interpreted into this report.

The charts represent the amount of carbon dioxide released in millions tonnes. This helped to get the bigger picture about air pollution. A discussion is followed later on.

As we the a look at figure2 the bar graph represents the carbon dioxide emissions by source. The biggest polluter is the energy supply industry which had an increasing trend from 1990 until 2004 reaching just above 200 millions tonnes of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere,since 2004 it shows a steady decrease scoring in 2012 lower than 200 million tonnes.The second pollutant is the transport which had a steady run during this 21 years with minor changes the biggest amount they ever released was nearly 100 million tonnes of carbon dioxide and that was in 1997. Then followed the business and residential and other which all had very small changes in the past 21 years. From the figure 2 we know that the production of energy is the biggest pollutant but why ? What does it burn and releases so many tonnes of