Air Pollution and District C. City Essay

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1. how many cars does Mexico city have that contribute to Mexico City’s pollution? A. 2 million used a day B. 2.3 MILLION USED A DAY C. 1.5 million a day

2. A reason why is Mexico City so polluted? A. air doesn’t spread out B. littering C. MEXICO CITY CONSUMES MORE THAN 40 LITERS OF OIL A DAY.

3. Since mexico rises in pollution how many reported cases of health problems have risen? A. FROM 2,062 A FOLLOWING WEEK GREW 2,641 DEATHS MORE B. 3,000 deaths C. 2,000 deaths

4. who is in charge of regulating pollution in the state of Mexico city? A. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT B. federal district C. City’s

5. water pollution is also a factor, what percentage of mexico population has acceptable water drinking conditions. A. 95% - ANSWER B. 85% C. 80%

6. In what year was Mexico City described as the most polluted city on the planet? A. 1992 -answer B. 1982 C. 1992 D. 1892

7. Who described Mexico City as the most polluted on the planet? A. federal nations B. UNITED NATIONS C. City’s mayor 8. How many years after did Mexico’s air earned the reputation of “the most dangerous city in the world for children”? A. SIX YEARS LATER B. Eight years later C. Two years later

9. What is the most likely to be blamed for air pollution? A. fires B. smoke C. MILLION OF VEHICLES ON THE ROAD

10. How does pollution mainly affect humans? A. DAMAGE THE HEART AND CAUSES HEART