Air Pollution and Pro-environmental Behavior Essay

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Kimberley Moore

Negative and Positive Consequences of Air Pollution increase Pro-environmental Behavior.
Air pollution is a major problem in major cities and towns across the state and the world. Air pollution is a combination of gases and solid particles. Particles are release into the earth’s atmosphere, which are biological materials, particulates chemical, harmful materials are all forms of gases called solid particles. According to (French, 1990) air population particularly acid rain is distressing crop, forests and lakes over wide areas of North America and Europe. Air population has negative and positive consequences on pro-environmental behavior. Air pollution can increase pro-environmental behavior negatively or positively. The effect of negative pro-environmental behavior is the decline of individual’s health, well-being, climate change and animals (Brunekreef & Holgate, 2002). The negative effect of pro- environmental behavior due to air pollution effects and increase of individual’s cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. It effects individual’s asthma if humans do not protect and control the release of mixture gases and slid particles in the environment illness of individuals from air pollution will increase. It is imperative society lessen the mixture of gases and solid particles to have a healthy full filling life.
The positive effect of pro-environmental behavior in reference to air pollution is the increase in positive behavior from humans understanding the benefits and saving the earth by practicing positive behavior in their environment. Positive behavior from humans increase pro-environment behavior and decrease negative pro-environment behavior. The positive behavior human’s exhibit encourages other humans to do their part in the lessening of harmfulness of chemicals and solid