Air Pollution Case Study

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In India high influx of population to urban areas, which led to growing cites, increase in traffic, industrialization and higher levels of energy consumption. This led the problem of air pollution. The main source of air pollution is vehicular emission which is of great concern.
Cars, buses, trucks and other forms of motorized vehicles are one of the largest sources of air pollution that are clearly linked to cause adverse health effects.
Vehicle engines are known to produce air pollutants that causes risks to your health. When engines burn fuel (petrol or diesel), chemicals such as fine dust, soot, carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted. The major contributors to air pollution is vehicular emission which is of great concern.

The air is contaminated by substances which is come from natural sources while others are caused by anthropometric activities such as our use of motor vehicles, industrial, domestic activities. when the substances in air effect the health of animals and humans, or could damage plants and materials is called air pollution. These substances are called air pollutants. The air pollutant either particles, liquids and gaseous in nature. As many cities become more congested, the
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In the residential area suspended particulate matter shot up to 135 mg per cubic meter as compared to normal level (100 mg per cubic meter ). In industrial area the levels gone up 55 units – 555 mg per cubic meter. The air is much dirtier than it used to was two years ago. The main reason for this is number of vehicles increase two folds on the city’s road senior official of Pollution Control Board (PCB) Gautam Buddha Nagar said. The PCB issued notices to 18 industrial units to control their air discharge or face closure(toxic alert environment news bulletin, Jan