Air Pollution Dbq

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Air quality is one of the most important factors of human’s beings and the environment. The air quality could contribute on how healthy we are as a society. As well, the air pollution is among one of the important environmental health threats. This threat has caused a huge issue in the United Sates. Air pollution has caused heart diseases, stroke, chronic lower respiratory diseases and heart diseases. For these reasons, the United States designed a federal law called The Clean Air Act to control the air pollution in our nation.
Many states were dealing with air pollution in the United States. Many factories and machines were built, this lead to the industrial revolution in 1820-1870. This was a huge change in America. Productions of goods
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Diseases were a huge threat during the industrial revolution. People did not have good living conditions. There was a large amount of pollution that was causing diseases to spread more rapidly. People were living in slums where it was crowed. The water was contaminated due to the factories dumping waste into streams and rivers. People used this water for cooking and washing. Many people were getting ill or dying because of the contaminated water. As well, people were dying due to the low air quality they had. Harmful chemicals such as sulfur dioxide, heavy metals, and air toxics were polluted in the air. The owners of the factories seemed to not care about the amount of pollution they were causing and the amount of damage it was causing the people in the late 18th century. The factories owners could do anything during the late 18th century. Factories polluted as much as they would like. There weren’t laws regulations that were concern about the air quality during this time. All that people were concern about during this time was producing more of the goods. The more goods they produced, the more money there was in the job industries. People were hired more due to the factories having high demand on their …show more content…
The Clean Air act of 1970 develops a legal authorization of the federal and state regulations. The regulations were to limit emissions from industries such as, stationary sources and mobile sources. Stationary sources of air pollution are power plants, factories, boilers, fossil fuel burning petroleum refineries and much more. Mobile sources of air pollution are buses, trucks, cars, planes, motorcycles, and trains. Another source is natural and this source nobody can control. Some of the natural sources are volcanic eruptions, windblown dust, forest fires, pollen dispersal, natural radioactivity and evaporation of organic compounds. All of these sources contribute to air pollution in the country and the world. The government could try to limit and put regulations on these sources but the natural source occurs by itself. Human’s activities causes more air pollution than natural