Airasia Case Study

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The Comparison of Profile Presentation in Airlines Company:
Qatar Airways Vs. AirAsia

Reputation is probably being one of the most important things in a business world. To create a good image and build relationship between customers and company is a significant issue. Thus, I selected to study the profile presentation in Airlines Company to raise my awareness of their strategies in making a communication with marketing purpose. My case study focusing on Qatar Airways which is voted to be one of the best airlines and AirAsia which is claimed to be the best low-cost airline. As a luxurious and hi-class brand, Qatar Airways has been presented their profile management by using gray and purple as a
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I presumed this as a way of offering the strength they had which is their excellent service and hide their weakness at the same time.
As a low-cost airline and the hope for people who seek for a chance to fly,
AirAsia has been presented their profile with a color of red. Red represents confidence with energy and exciting feelings. AirAsia is an airline for everyone so, I presumed that the passengers would fly with a safety flight through a good protection from AirAsia’s staff. The distinctive feature of AirAsia’s profile is a “sale banner” which located on the right of the page. The aim of Air Asia is to “sell” so, they would convince the customers to “buy.”
A sale banner is one of the tools to make the customers buy in just one click.
There is a section that gives a chance to the customers to earn a “BIG Points.” With every transaction, you will get discounts and redeem a free AirAsia’s flights. This is a marketing strategy which brings to the concept of “sale” again. In this case, I perceived that loyalty program like this is as a trap for attracting people to spend more