Airbnb Porter Five Forces Analysis Essay

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Hospitality Management

Airbnb: Porter Five Forces

Subject: Strategic Management

Teacher: Marina Cassilha

Group Members:

Cheng Bustamante, Rebeca
Trillo Murrieta, José

Lima – Peru

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1. Bargaining power of customers (buyers) 3
2. Bargaining power of suppliers 3
3. Threats of new entrants 4
4. Threats of substitute products or services 4
5. Intensity of competitive rivalry 5
6. Bibliography 5

1. Bargaining power of customers (buyers)
The economic growth in Peru helps to develop tourism and hospitality in this country. The percentage of business in this country increased in
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This service is expected to be reciprocal.

5. Intensity of competitive rivalry
As mentioned before, companies as (that have seen Airbnb as a threat) are the main competitors of this web page. Also the new entrance of similar companies like Airbnb such as 9flats that has the same concept, although it’s not well known in Peru, it is in another countries mostly in Europe and have limited the business model.
As the entrance and exits barriers are low, it is easy to be part of the market and to exit. This can be a threat for the reputation of the web page as they can finish its operations in Peru whenever they want, leaving their clients and hostess with no advantage at all. The hostess can finish with no money and the client with no place to stay.
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