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How to Reach Your Target Audience
Target Audience
How To Reach Your Target Audience
Learning to do effective presentations can be a nerve wrecking experience. Even after spending hours preparing your presentation, tweaking your PowerPoint slideshow and practicing the articulation of keywords and phrases you may feel that you still came up short once the presentation is done. An important key to effective presentations is the target audience. Regardless of how prepared you are, your effectiveness will be determined by your ability to reach the target audience. Many times we tend to overlook the importance of preparing for a specific target audience. Effective presentations cannot be generic. In other words, one size does not fit all. You will have to learn how to adjust and adapt your presentation based on the target audience. The information you deliver will not change but the means you use to deliver it or the atmosphere you create during your presentation will need to change in order to be an effective presenter to different target audiences.

Gathering Information
Something I have found to be very helpful is to try to get as much information on the specific individuals who will be in attendance beforehand. If this is not possible prior to my presentation, I will usually set aside time to get to know my audience before I get into the meat of the presentation. During introductions ask for names and some additional information about the attendees. An effective presenter should be able to read body language and facial expressions. This can be a useful tool during the time when introductions are being done. You can gather information on your target audience by reading their body language and facial expressions while they introduce themselves. You should be able to discern if they are happy about being in attendance or if they had to be coerced to be there. Are they excited about the subject matter or are they only in attendance because of a job requirement. Do they feel as though the meeting is an infringement on their time or are they happy about an opportunity to gain knowledge. The attitudes of attendees can be contagious. One bad attitude can sabotage your whole presentation. But if you are aware that a bad