Airline and Big Airline Alliance Essay

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Izumi Kato
Oct. 8, 2013
Class Project

Since globalization has been advanced, the number of people conducting a business a broad increases steadily. The number of people travelling abroad depends on the economy, but still in a large number of people emigrate and immigrate between foreign countries. It navigates the international airline early in the Japanese megacarrier, but it is difficult at all to cover all the flight to the world only in one company because the world is very large. Therefore the airline of all the countries of the world forms a big airline alliance by cooperating each other. And “global alliance” means this. In global alliance, there is “sky team” constructed in Korean Airlines or Delta airlines otherwise the “Star Alliance” which ANA or United Airline belong to, or “One World” which JAL or American Airline belong to. Recently, several companies falling into severe business condition by price competition increase. A low-cost carrier called “Low-cost Airline (LCC)” comes up in Japan from 2012, and the competition between companies becomes more and more intense. The passenger use LCC between Europe and America for 30% and 15-20% now in the Asian religion. People chose the cheapest one without thinking about service, flight time, or safety because they decide to buy their flight ticket by price. Under such situation, I think that service is more considered than before. Especially LCC cut such a good services in order to provide the inexpensiveness price. It becomes an important problem which how you do a cost cut at each airline companies exposed to price competition. It is good that the choice of the airline spread for consumer, but it is not glad news for the person who working the airline at all. They may not survive if they don’t give more substantial service at the existing airline including the major company. In the globalization, commercial airlines should make change and adjustment of safety and value the original service, and moreover, offer high quality of the service to make difference between LCC and commercial airline. People all over the world area think that the world’s safest airline is Qantas airline because any accident resulting in injury or death has never happened. The reason why people trust Qantas is that they say to users “we are safe” with confidence and readiness. I think that Japanese airline have one of the best standards of safety management through the world, but the message is always been passiveness. So it is very important us that appeal for safety positively and improve the quality of safe and service. Because it is time of globalization, I want to them to have pursuit a Japanese-style value of safe. There will be the color of each airline how they get it into an advertisement and communication