Airplanes: The Better Transportation Essay

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In 2008 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration researched accident statistics for the entire country. They found that accidents occurred with 1.27 fatalities per 100 million vehicles traveled. The National Transportation Board found only 20 accidents for U.S air carriers. No one died and only five people were seriously injured in 2008. Although they might be different ways to travel, both airplanes and cars can be expensive, have problems, and be comfortable. Both airplanes and cars can be expensive. For example, last year we traveled to Colorado by car. Every so often we stopped at a gas station to refuel. Since gas prices are going up, refueling your car can get expensive. For round-trip we ended up spending a little over 600 hundred dollars in gas. However, traveling by plane can seem cheaper. The plane won’t need to refuel because the tank holds more than that of a car. A ticket for one person ranges from 200-300 hundred dollars. Therefore, it really depends on the person of how much they would like to spend. Additionally, both airplanes and cars can have potential problems. When on the road you may experience some car trouble. On our way to Colorado, my uncle made a U-turn, but ended up hitting the curb. When we got off we’d seen that the tire had been popped. While driving your car may just break down. For airplanes, your flight might be delayed. You might find yourself stuck in traffic while driving to the airport. Though airplanes and cars can have problems, airplanes have fewer problems than oppose to a car. Finally,