A Note On Airport Security

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Airport Security

“ Terrorism has been a problem for air travelers since the 1970s when bombs became the method of communications for militant grouping. airports security works everyday to reassure that every passenger and person in the airport are guarantee a safe flight. airports are the main way of travelling in the 21st century, providing a safe environment.for every individual at all times(Richard, 2013). Every person should be able to ride an airplane with the security in mind that it is a safe environment, to provide this outcome, every person should be checked by their method of preference, either a quick radiation scan or by human checked. Before the horrible accident that happened on september 11 of 2001 known as 9/11, the security in airports was minimum, it was understandable since America had never experienced Terrorism to that extreme. Following this date, America created the Transportation Security Administration to strengthen the security of the nation's transportation system and ensure the freedom of movement for people and commerce(TSA, Overview ). The creation of of T.S.A establish guidelines to all travelers to maintain the security of the traveling public and continuously set the standard for excellence in transportation security. It helped control the culture of fear created by the attacks that were manifest by those terrorist attacks. The mission of this administration is to protect the nation’s transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce(TSA, About). A feeling of peacefulness and protection is a key factor for every individual that is traveling, especially for frequent travelers that used this service on a regular basis. people’s safety is the number one priority of politicians, and they will do whatever it takes to protected. The years of effort have created a security net that is much stronger in key areas, from simple things like secure cockpit doors to the routine inspections now done on checked baggage.(Alcorn). The routine of security for even a national flight can exhausting, however the tranquility of a safe habitat is the biggest concern of not just the airline but the entire team of aviation. After the creation of TSA the security of airports has improved and the trust of all americans in airport is improving year after years.

Terrorism and tension between countries is the main reason why security at the time of traveling is one of the major concern of The Department of Homeland security. During the process of checking an individual before boarding an airplane, there are some devices use that involve x rays, which are generally regulated by state agencies. TSA uses different types of imaging technology like millimeter wave and backscatter (TSA, About). The use of this types of technology has converted into a debate in many associations because it is said that the radiations used in this machines can affect the time of women and especially people who are sensitive to radiation. however, the amount of radiation that the human body passes thru is not a big quantity that can make a great impact. Recent research, Brenner says, indicates that about 5 percent of the population — one person in 20 — is especially sensitive to radiation. These people have gene mutations that make them less able to repair X-ray damage to their DNA. (Knox, 2010). Many people are sensitive to radiation and they don't know their condition, making in many cases difficult for people to find out the origin of certain disease that was cause to this interaction. There are many exposures thru radiation that the human goes thru often and its not as controversial as the small exposure found in airports.USCF, worry about effects such as melanoma, a dangerous skin cancer, immune system problems, breast cancer, mutations in sperm cells, and effects on developing fetus. But others doubts that x-rays doses from airport scanners would cause this(Alcorn 2012). This type of