Airport National Security

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Airport National Security
Antoinette S. Little
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Arming the transportation security administrator (T.S.A.) should be a solution after the shooting that took place and Los Angeles International Airport. Even though there have not been many terrorist threat since 9-1-1, airport security still needs to improve their security systems. Airports need to spend more money on the safely of their passenger. Also making sure that the equipment is up in working properly, before letting travelers reach this point of the airport should also be checked daily.
After one of the transportation security administrator (TSA) agent was gun down inside Los Angeles shooting in killed, the administrator have discuss arming the transportation security administrator (TSA) agents with the Congress. It was stated that the agency does not train their agents to use firearms or recruit employees who know how to handle themselves involving a shootout. I was stated that the cost would be very high for agency to have more officers from the police force working inside the airport. The Congress stated that the agency’s mission was clear: It is officers would not carry guns or make any arrests. They job is to focus on screening passengers for weapons, bombs and other things that could be used inside a crime that would put other passengers in danger. “The sad truth is that our transportation security administrator (TSA) officers are subject to daily verbal assaults and far too frequent physical attacks," said Jeffrey David Cox Sr., president of the American Federation of Government Employees.” I feel that there should be armed agents at each terminal inside the airport to prevent things like this from happening on a daily base. It also agree with some people that the safety of their passenger should be the main focus.
Jeff Price, stated arming transportation security administrator (TSA) screeners would be an "overkill" solution that could cost billions of dollars and would require officers to undergo considerable training. "There are other ways that you can provide the level of protection that the transportation security administrator (TSA) screeners deserve without giving them all guns, "he said. Brian Jenkins, and authority on terrorism and aviation security at the Santa Monica-based Rand Corp., said that arming transportation security administrator (TSA) screeners would dramatically change the public's perception of them. It was stated that transportation security administrator (TSA) officers are already viewed by some as symbols of the government overreach. Brain Jenkins, also stated that “it would also change the agency’s recruiting demographic and raise questions about whether officers should be able to make arrests. Jacksonville Florida International Airport was evacuated for several hours because the authorities received reports of suspicious packages there. The bomb squad found one suspicious device that was removed to be rendered safety of the passengers. There were two packages founded one inside the terminal and one inside the parking garage. Another terrorist attack took place and the local airport inside Jacksonville Florida but no one was hurt.
Some changes inside the airport security happen away the terrorist attack that took place on September 11, 2001. Airport screening was provided by private companies, which were contracted with the airline or airport. In November 2011, the Transportation