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Airport Security
David A. Fowler
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Abstract
Through the history of aviation the importance of airport security has steadily increased. Since the disastrous terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, many changes have taken place at airports to prevent such an attack from occurring again. The purpose of this paper is to: outline airport security procedures, discuss the different technologies involved with airport security, as well as examine the components of airport security. In addition I will also discuss the Transportation Security Administration's role in our nation's airport security.

Airport Security Airport Security is a necessity of Life both in America and through
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Other program areas each include Explosives Vulnerability and Mitigation Techniques, Human Factors, and Security of Civil Aviation Airports and Air Carriers.
No single technology can totally address the problem of transportation security. Technology development has not reached a point where it can operate autonomously, i.e., totally without the human operator. Adopting a "systems" approach to security requirements and optimizing each component for low cost, but high performance allows the Division to produce cost-effective solutions for distinct security problems. This approach continues to balance the application of people, procedures, and technology to each threat classification.

The Federal Aviation Administration has recently given a $210,000 grant to the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Fl. The grant is being used by researchers who are studying different learning techniques to understand how to best train people to pick out guns, knives and other threatening objects as they pass through airport X-ray machines. The researchers' findings, along with results of similar studies at other universities, will help the FAA and Transportation Security Administration determines the best procedures to train new screeners. The TSA oversees the hiring and training of the screeners. The results may eventually lead to improved safety and more convenience for travelers. The TSA requires that all airports which serve certain air carrier operations have an