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Test Planning and Preparation
In order to begin with the testing process, we should understand how testing procedure will move forward. Planning would be done under the supervision of system, design and test engineering with significant role played by test engineer. These engineers would construct the architect of testing i.e. way of testing or testing process. In beginning of any test, we should understand whether the test is done on the existing system or a completely new system. Since airport system already exist and our project deals with the improvement to existing system, we would discuss on changes that are planned to be done on the system compared to existing system. These changes are discussed below on the basis of
1. Changes in Customer Requirements
Security improvement
Luggage fast retrieval
Shorten period before boarding
Self-service cargo consigning
Customized farewell
2. Changes in Technology
Agile Logistics
Streamline processes
Traceable luggage system
Automatic transport system
Dedicated assistance system
Self-service conduct processes
3. Changes in Program plans
Changes in program plans emphasizes on changes in the management and technical process of the system. The figure above shows the hierarchy of the management and technology of our system. The decision flow would be as shown
Introduction of information technology will help in the optimization of management. IT department would be interacting with the information coming from all airports and sort unexpected redundancies coming from each system.
Airport air control will have a constant contact with every plane that is nearby or coming towards them. This system would not only respond to Airplanes that have departure to their respective airport but every plane that would be passing or passed near that particular airport. This would create a network of connection with every plane. This would enhance the safety of airplanes and avoid tragic incidents like Malaysian airline.
Material handling system would be automated; every luggage or cargo would be tagged with the passenger. The entire luggage would go to automated storage & retrieval system and will reach its destination.

Integration Test Planning
Preparing for the system integration process depends on the manner in which the system components and subsystems are developed. Sometimes few components of a subsystem involve new technical approach while rest has same structure as from existing system. Hence, each subsystem is often developed by the same organization and integrated prior to delivery to the system contractor. It is important to understand which system would be developed by which company. In the given figure it shows systems that can be contracted to various companies. Each system should be contracted to a single company. This would be helpful because of following reasons:
Each company would have their experts in that particular team. These teams would be working in their field of expertise.
Every company would be responsible for their own work. If one fails to follow their targets then other would not be blamed for it.
When a single system would be divided into multiple subsystems to different contractors, it will help in reducing the complexity.
Also following are the caution that one must take while integration planning:
Ensuring to have a proper Detail Design document where interactions between each unit are clearly defined. In fact, it would not be possible to perform Integration Testing without this information.
Ensuring to have a robust sub system in place. Or else, it will be difficult to track the right upgrade of each unit, especially if the number of units to be integrated is huge.
Each sub system must be the first unit tested before starting Integration Testing.
As far as possible, automating the tests, especially when using the Top Down or Bottom Up approach, since regression testing is important each time a unit is…