AIS Tattoo Essay

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1.) There are a few different types of personality traits that come to mind when I see someone that has a tattoo on their body. One is that the person is a sensation-seeker. These types of people are willing to take risks for intense sensations and experiences. People with these personality traits have less fear of the consequences at hand. Another personality trait that someone with a tattoo has is uniqueness. They are not afraid to stand out and be different from the crowd. Finally, people with tattoos could be very passionate. Many people with tattoos are very passionate about someone or something and they would like to make that someone or something permanent on their bodies. Also people with tattoos are very creative and artistic and are not afraid to make their bodies the canvases for their art work.
2.) Someone that wouldn’t get a tattoo could be an individual that says that it is against their religious views. For an example most Catholics believe that their body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, which means it is a scared creation of God and is not to be changed in any way. Another person that probably would not get a tattoo would be a very conservative person. They might believe that there is no need to jeopardize their future careers just to have a permanent image on their body. Lastly, there might be that someone who flat out cannot afford to get one.
3.) I think the message that is sent to a person that sees a tattoo on someone else really depends on that particular person. If the person that is looking at the tattoo of someone else and that person has a tattoo themselves,…