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Financial Contingency Planning: Sources of Funding
Tia Hunte
AJS 522
Michael Walker
June 8, 201

Financial Continency Planning
Financial contingency planning is a very vital instrument for any substance addiction therapy Facility. There are many issues which can into play in the fiscal division of any corporation and could lead to higher expenditures of that corporation. Emergency preparedness is key to avoid a potential hazardous impact of a dangerous issue from occurring. To prevent unexpected hazards or situations that might jeopardize the intent and goals of the substance addiction therapy facility an emergency preparedness plan is a must. Public-Private Partners
To make an addiction therapy facility one that is successful, it not only takes hard work and continuous dedication but it also requires the supply of income to be accessible. One source of income supply comes from the public and private associates. There are many different kinds of public and private associate that are accessible for the using in a facility as such. Their administration and performance prototype also involve the public associate (administration, nation or district, central or organization)and then signs the agreement with a private associate for giving or sustaining a particular function (North,2011). By using the administration and performance prototype, it keeps the associate authority for the substance addiction therapy facility and manages the authority of the administration. the public associate keeps authority on the substance addiction therapy facility and keeps administration authority. Another section of the public or private association is the performance. This sponsor will be able to receive profits if he invest any money based on the standards of the facility. However if there shall be an agreement made for a long time frame then the same will happen for the private sponsor on receiving a profit that is promising.
Next is constructing a draft agreement with the private associates that will execute all required emergency economical sketches for the facility keep in possession and they also preside over the facility as well. A draft construct perform agreement gets thrown in to the mix which includes an agreement between the private associates that are liable for all the planning, creating and performing however in most all cases the possession will always stay with the public associate.
Finally the private sponsor can agree to the agreement which is one that can be managed by him or her for a for a time period and he or she can relocate the the agreement the program to the corporation all has been completed (North 2011). This is very valuable to the substance addiction facility as it will lower the chances of public organization and has a guarantee on the accessibility of funds in case of any incidental situations which is where the financial contingency plan comes in handy.
Nonprofit Organizations
A highly valuable agency is the nonprofit organizations to the addiction therapy facility. Nonprofit organizations are very dedicated to re-establishing lawbreaking convicts and also have the necessary supplies needed to assist in the victory of the facility during an incidental situation that might require an emergency draft to come in to play. Nonprofit organization get the the bulk of their funding from private sectors or bodies that agree with the aims of the agency, have the same vision and want to help. Nonprofit organizations that are assisting the agencies in public can provide a facility such as this with some additional income assistance in the case of a incidental situation that may need an emergency plan of action(Lind, 2011). A vast majority of nonprofit organizations operate more on private sponsors and less on assistance from finances from individuals, there resides a potential prospect when it comes to the substance addiction therapy facility for depending on