Al Baik Essay

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Ali Faizan

AL BAIK a restaurant chain in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was first established in 1974 in the city of Jeddah by Shakour AbuGhazalah. AL BAIK was the first to introduce the “Broast” chicken concept in all of Saudi Arabia. AbuGhazalah wanted to provide Arabia with a clean and affordable fast food and environment to fulfill the needs and taste of the consumers in Saudi Arabia.
AL BAIK management has earned their mark in the world because of their values. They always believed in 4 pillars; Trust, Respect, Team spirit and always striving for Excellence.
AL BAIK is committed to be moral and transparent in all of their deals and actions. They encourage honesty and transmit good and healthy relations
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However, since 31 July 1998, the Malaysian government had relaxed the equity policy guidelines for all applications for investments in new as well as expansion and diversification projects in the manufacturing sector. Under this relaxation, foreign investors could hold 100% of the equity irrespective of the level of exports.
Over the years there have been several changes that have taken place in country regarding foreign investment rules for example; * Over the years there was a rule in Malaysia that foreigners can not own a business 100%. They need to have a local business partner. Previously they were more strict and by law you need to have a “Bumi-putra” as a partner, but recently there have been numerous changes and this rule was eased up to a “local” partner and now for certain businesses foreigners can also apply for 100% ownership but for that you need to take approval from ministry of consumerism and domestic trade. * Taxation documents of full two years of the expatriates, has been made compulsory to be submitted for the renewal of work visa.

Acquiring a company:
Acquiring a company in Malaysia would be the safest prospect for AL BAIK especially because they do not have experience in establishing a business outside of Arab nation. If we are to acquire a company in Malaysia we can choose to acquire SCR (restaurant) which is based in Kuching Sarawak, with almost 30